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“Pennsylvania Tennis Academy (PTA), high-performance tennis training for juniors and adults, all ages and abilities welcome.”

Conveniently located in Wexford, PA, just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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Welcome to PTA, from Kelly Baritot Sorbo

PTA was founded to create a professional platform and training academy to achieve one goal: the elevation and advancement of local and national junior tennis players. Our system provides:

  • Proven instruction rooted in the most current instructional techniques, including the modern forehand, used by the majority of tennis professionals
  • State of the art video technology, which allows us to compare students with tennis professionals frame by frame, allowing us to see similarities and areas where improvement can be made
  • Leveled instructional programs to maximize student success.
  • We have tennis lessons and tennis clinics available for all skill levels and levels of competitiveness.  

For a free evaluation and class placement, please contact us today!


Junior Tennis Programs

Unmatched junior tennis training taught by trained instructors who teach a proven system.  Most clubs offer instruction that vary from pro to pro, day to day.  Our system features standardized instruction ....

Adult Leagues and Clinics

Juniors don't have all the fun at PTA- the adults do too!  Competitive and recreational programs for all levels and abilities, from our Never too Late classes for new players, to our USTA and....

World-Class Tennis Pros

All of our coaches are highly-trained instructors, many world-class, highly-ranked players themselves.  Our coaches teach our proven system for success now and beyond.  Our curriculum utilizes cutting-edge video ...

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Membership includes complete access to tennis facilities, running track, locker rooms.  

  • Adult Single - $375 yearly *$45.00 monthly option
  • Couples - $550 yearly *$65.00 monthly option
  • Family - $650.00 yearly *$75.00 monthly option
  • Junior (18 & under)- $300.00 yearly *$35.00 monthly option
  • Senior Luv 60- $40.00 monthly
  • Tennis Plus- Please talk to the desk for current rates.

*Monthly memberships sign a 1 year contract with Auto-Draft credit/debit card on file or checking account information.  Cancellation will be valid upon 30 day written notice.

New Adult Members that join a USTA or PTL team are eligible for a half-priced individual membership!  New members will receive half-off their first year membership when joining a team. 

Captains Incentives- We appreciate our Captains!  Team Captains will receive one half off yearly dues and do not pay fees at home matches!  

Corporate Membership (10 employee minimum):

  • Yearly Adult Membership- $225 ($25 monthly)
  • Couple Membership- $305 ($45 monthly)
  • Family Membership- $355 ($55 monthly)

*Memberships do not include court fees. 

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Pennsylvania Tennis Academy’s (PTA’s) Skills Level Advancement Manual (SLAM) for Junior Tennis Players



Life-Long Sport

Tennis is a wonderful life-long sport and providing the right equipment and systems at the right times are critical to keeping juniors happy, healthy and engaged.


Providing a clear structure not only enables juniors and their parents to gage progress and areas of future development but also continues to build on PTA’s tradition of every tennis professional teaching the same methods and systems, while still customizing the program to the child’s needs.


PTA’s SLAM provides a template from which a junior can set his/her goals and feel a great sense of accomplishment when those goals are achieved.

Right Size and Skills

PTA’s SLAM program which uses the USTA’s 10 and Under program as its foundation, ensures that younger children have the appropriate size rackets, balls and court to suit their skill level, while allowing all juniors to advance as fast or as slow as their technical, tactical and athletic abilities dictate without strict age limits.


Competition, success and failure are all critical experiences that help the junior develop skills that are valuable in all aspects of his/her life but PTA’s SLAM ensures that children are not held back or pushed too fast so that competition is a rewarding and satisfying experience.


Sportsmanship is a critical component of PTA’s philosophy and is taught at all levels.


Kids need a tennis ball that is sized and paced to age and ability. Low-compression balls are designed to bounce lower and move slower through the air, giving kids more time to get ready for the next shot and allowing them to strike the ball at a comfortable height.

Court Sizes             

RED BALL CLINICS- play on a court 36’ long and 18’ wide. The net is 18’ long and 2’-9” high.

ORANGE BALL CLINICS- have a regulation net (3’ at the center) on a 60’ court.

GREEN BALL CLINICS are on a full 78’ court.

YELLOW BALLS are the next and highest level of play because they have full compression balls and 78’ court size.


Scoring is modified to allow for shorter matches and more play and participation experiences for your child. This lets kids play more often and have more fun. PTA’s SLAM is based on USTA’s Red, Orange and Green QuickStart 10 and Under System without the Strict Age Limits.

Book a Tennis Court

Tennis court bookings are available online as well as through our front desk.  Ball machine rental is also available for an additional fee.  Book Now.

Membership Info

We have membership packages to fit your budget. Individuals, families and corporate memberships available.

Class Schedule

Check out our current class schedules here for Junior and Adult Tennis Programs.

10 and Under Tennis

In The Headlines

10 and Under Tennis- USTA's program to bring tennis to more young people

Does it really work?  YES!The USTA program aims to "right-size" the game for its youngest players, using shorter courts, smaller nets, and lower compression balls.  Check out our Program offerings to see further details.

What's It Like To Train at PTA?

What Should I Expect?Tennis training can vary day to day depending upon the skills being taught.  We use strength training, cardio conditioning, flexibility and agility training among other tennis training techniques. 

Player Results

  • Tournament Results

    Follow our progress here!  What do all of these competitors have in common?  Dedication and training is what has brought them to the top of their game.  We are proud of the achievements of our students, young and young at heart alike!

    Women's 3.5 18 and Over District Champions

    This team cruised through their regular season 9-1, also winning both District Championship matches to represent Allegheny Mountain District in Princeton, New Jersey.  Congratulations ladies!

    Women's 4.0 40 and Over District Champions

    The ladies of PTA had a great season, going 6-2 in the regular season. PTA beat Ebensburg in the Flight Championship to represent Allegheny Mountain in Princeton, New Jersey- way to go!

    A New Mixed Doubles Team at PTA

    Mixed doubles is now at PTA.  Follow our new 7.0 team's progress or join us!

Location and Directions

We are located in the Pure Athletex Sportsplex, conveniently located near 1-79 in Wexford, PA.     

119 Neely School Road, Suite 200  Wexford, PA 15090


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We check messages during normal business hours and will respond as soon as possible.  Please be specific in your interests (Membership, Adult or Junior Tennis, Special Needs Programs, etc.) so that we can better serve you. 


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